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After four years of extensive market research and the creative exploration of over a thousand ideas, Uniskoool Apparels Tech Pvt Ltd was officially founded in August 2023. The name Uniskoool conveys our brand’s core goal which is a harmonious blend of Uniqueness and Uniforms.

Experience Schooling Like Never Before

With the strength of 8 creative minds, we are looking forward to catering to all the schools along with the management, students, and parents. As a team, we want to revolutionize the education sector by seamlessly integrating innovative solutions and ultimately creating a community that grows towards positive change.


The objective of Uniskoool is to organize a highly scattered market and bring all schooling needs under one roof. Uniskoool aims to be the one-stop solution for schools across India. We are here to modernize the traditional workings of schools that have been followed for decades with innovative tech solutions.


Our mission is to transform the schooling experience with our innovative and advanced solutions


To be the only platform that caters not only to all the school needs but also creates a community of our own

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The Innovators. The Pathfinders. The Forerunners.

Meet the visionaries redefining the world of education at Uniskoool. Our
workforce applies unconventional thinking to conventional problems, embodying
a culture of creativity and innovation.

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