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Uniskoool is dedicated to solve operation challenges with tailored tech solutions, envisioning a future where education extends beyond physical confines. What’s more? We want to provide the best teaching & learning experiences with customized tech solutions. Your one stop for every schooling needs.

Bridging the gap with innovative tech solutions

Taking your schools to the new heights traditionally requires significant time, manual efforts together with risk of inaccuracy. Apart from schooling partners we are your tech-mates as well. Uniskoool will help you to streamline admissions, automate attendance, generate reports seamlessly, track performance effectively, simplify fee management, facilitate transparent parent communication, and manage exams hassle-free, all to reduce costing and enhance your educational experience.

Management System

Our fees management software will help you automate fees management effectively, and efficiently. You can categorize fees, generate custom fee reports, and set timely reminders and much more. With our software, you will get:

  • Clarified setup
  • Hassle-free fee collection
  • Data at your fingertips

Student Information System

Connecting students, educators, and success. Our student information software provides easy access to student directories and information for parents and teachers. 

  • Centralize student data.
  • Analyze attendance and performance.
  • Motivate with behavioral badges.

Student Tracking-System

Parents can now track their students' location, attendance, and performance, receiving fee reminders for convenience. Ensure the safety of students with Uniskoool's GPS tracking.

  • Effective Attendance & 
Performance Management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Track students and ensure their safety.

Admission Management system

Uniskoool will help you to automate the admission process, eliminating paperwork, confusion, and errors. Our software enables easy collection and storage of student data, efficient selection processes, and faster record management.

  • Get custom Admission Portal
  • Digitize collection of records 
& selection process.
  • Simplified admission processes & Inquiry management

Attendance Management system

Reduce the efforts of teachers with attendance management solutions. Keep the track of both students and teachers' attendance digitally. This will help them to focus and allocate more time for crucial tasks.

  • Record attendance in 30 seconds
  • Share updates with parents
  • Download reports with one click

We try our best, and we make sure
we deliver the best

The smart way to manage and connect everything leaves an impact not only on
administration but on the entire school community.

School Administator

Our management solutions will streamline operations, automate tasks, reduce cost, and enhance the overall efficiency of administration.


We bring the best learning experience for students. They can learn at their own pace with recorded lectures, plenty of practice questions and a lot more.


Easily track your child’s progress and receive all school updates in one place-steadily, effortlessly, and reliably.

Let’s answer your questions

Empowering with administrative control of routine activities, Supercharging Administrative
Control with Innovative Design Tools
What are Tech Soltuions of Uniskoool for Indian Schools?

Our tech solutions are digital tools for schools that facilitate efficient school management, empowering the entire school community. Reduce manual efforts, free up time for more crucial tasks, and provide accurate reports of students’ growth to parents and teachers.

Why is UniSkoool better than the traditional school management system?
Traditional school management focuses solely on the administrative processes of a school. However, Uniskoool solutions solve multiple problems. Beyond administrative efficiency, we empower teachers and students to have better schooling experiences. In addition, parents benefit from better communication, effective student tracking, and much more.
What are the benefits of using Tech in Indian schools?
There are multiple advantages that have become a necessity to survive in the competitive market. Growing with modern trends is essential. Our solutions help your school to be more efficient, creative, accurate, better at time management, with less documentation and manual efforts.
Why does Uniskoool bring forth tech solutions?
Uniskoool aspires to be the one-stop solution for all schooling essentials. Our goal is not just individual growth, but to foster a collective revolution in the working of every connected school.
Is our data secure with Uniskoool tech tools?
We adhere to all safety requirements, and our safeguards work harmoniously to protect school data. Our security systems and controls are audited thoroughly. Dive into your digital learning journey with Uniskoool, rest assured your valuable information is under vigilant protection.

Ensure better cash flow management & reporting

Get ready to redefine school
style and technology.

Ensure better cash flow management, reporting, exceptional uniforms and services

Ensure better cash flow management & reporting