Struggling to find the right size?

Here is how you can accurately measure school uniforms. Every individual’s body, shape, and size is different, but there are some common practices that you can follow to determine the right size. Taking precise measurements needs attention to get the proper fit.

Find your fit

Say bye to guesswork and assumptions! Maybe my child is a little bigger to last the year? He/she is a little bigger, or smaller than average. Check out our guide to find the right fit!
Use a measuring tape. It is preferable to measure over fitted clothes for accurate findings.  Keep the grip of measuring tape normal- neither too tight or loose. Simply keep the space of one finger.
  • Height – Stand without footwear, keep the feet together, stand against the wall and keep your back straight. Take the measuring tape and the top and drag to the ground.

  • Chest – Stand straight, raise the arms and take measurements of chest/bust fullest part.

  • Waist – Some people prefer to wear the bottoms a bit lower but the right way to measure the waistline is to measure at the narrowest area around the waist. Stand straight and take measurements of the natural waistline.

  • Hips –  Keep the feet together and identify the widest part of your hips. This is typically around the hip bones.

  • Inseam – To measure inseam drag the measuring tape from crotch to the ankle bone.

  • Outer Seam – Measure the outer seam from the point where the garment needs to be worn to the ankle bone.

  • Neck – Roll the tape around the neck base.
If you are measuring with garment, keep following things in mind:

Choose the similar garment of finest fit (skirt, shirt, pant, or sweater). Make sure to close the button.

  • Waist – Take measurements of any one side of waist and make the number double.

  • Inseam – Take measurement from crotch to the hem.

  • Chest – To measure the chest, close the buttons of the shirt and measure one arm hole to the other. Double this number and you are ready with correct measurements.

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